Stacey Dooley and Her Extensive Issues

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Stacey Dooley was first seen on TV in the Blood Sweat and T-Shirt program,  since then she has become a worldwide presenter on issues within the third world. She grabbed people emotionally by her own documentaries.

The popularity of her within the Blood Sweat and T-shirt program was only the tipping point of her fulfilling her career. When returning back to the UK, she grabbed peoples attention by campaigning against child labour by setting up events to raise money for charities and appearing on BBC News night to raise awareness. She is now one of the most popular presenters on BBC Three .

Stacey Dooley Interviewed By Leon McAnally

Following a recent interview with Stacey Dooley, she still  is the person she once was and is still ready to face issues and make a change for the better.

Stacey said that it is important that the whole of society are discussing all forms of exploitation, this is because millions and millions of people and mostly children are effected.

With Stacey’s documentaries it has got many people talking about exploitation around the world., due to her determination to  digs deep into each issue and not worried about showing her emotions on TV.

Stacey said that she cared about these issues because each county does face different situations and issues. She has been emotionally effected by facing issues of brutality with some Hondurans and Mexicans, as well as the idea of having to be involved in prostitution from such an early age. But in most of countries she has visited, poverty , desperation and vulnerability is very noticeable.

With making these issues aware to society the more we can understand and discuss these topics and where potential movement can happen.

I asked Stacey what would you say if people would like to do the same as you? She has this to say “I’m always asked how I got into doing hard core documentaries.  The truth is I completely fell into it. I love my job and am so lucky to have seen so much and travelled so extensively. I’ve met the most unbelievably fascinating people. It can be a challenging, emotionally draining but hugely rewarding. I’m very lucky.”

Its clear that she loves her job by coming back with more and more documentaries.

After asking Stacey what is her most memorable experience  she had this to say “I can’t pick one single moment or person as being memorable. Everyone and everything stays with you. But perhaps the hardest thing at the beginning was when I first saw a dead body. I’ve never forgot. It was overwhelming but heartbreakingly, the reality”.


Stacey’s thoughts on tourism “for me is a double edged sword. Undoubtedly there are negatives to come from tourism, there are often locals who don’t benefit in the same way that others seemingly do.  They may lose their home or land to property developers, their experiences with travelers may be horrific.

On the other side, so many have benefited hugely, thanks to their country becoming desirable.

Maids are able to feed their kids, entire forces and organisations have had to be invented solely to deal with tourists. Meaning there are suddenly thousands of jobs that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.”

Her New Documentary

What she had to say about her new documentary “My new series is incredibly moving. I’m very proud. We met females who are trying to grow up and live in extremely hostile, difficult situations. They’re a tough watch. Paedophile’s and violent murderers are just some of the people these girls have to be aware of. On a daily basis. Their reality and my reality are different worlds”.

There is one thing guaranteed that Stacey will still be making documentaries that will keep us glued to the TV and make us think twice on what effect we are having on a country when visiting.

By Leon McAnally 05.09.2015


Be Ready…..


Be ready to read an article about Stacey Dooley and her extensive issues she has faced while filming her documentary’s!

Should we have been ready for The Collapse of The Channel Tunnel?

A police vehicle drives past lorries are backed up on the M20 motorway which leads from London to the Channel Tunnel terminal at Ashford and the Ferry Terminal at Dover

Should we have been ready for The Collapse of The Channel Tunnel?

From the migrants in Calais trying to get their way through the Channel Tunnel this has had a number of effect on many different industries.  The Eurotunnel terminal outside Folkstone is nearly the size of Gatwick airport, meaning it is the 3rd biggest entry point to the UK.

The Channel Tunnel opened 21 years ago and helps in growth towards England’s economy and Frances. There has been 75% increase in passengers since it opened, as before a lot of people used ferries.

There is 24m passengers in vehicles with 5m cars and 160,000 coaches in 2014 showing an increase in 20 years of 2m vehicles.

As we understand this is one of the busiest times of the Channel Tunnel as people want to go away for holidays as it’s the school summer holidays. There is an average of 11,000 trucks and 14,000 cars each day trying to use the Channel Tunnel.

With the hold back of vehicles it is estimated by The Freight Transport Association that is costing £700,000 a day. There is a number of different costs such as loss of food and policing, but it could have an effect on business that realise on tourists as both England and France may see a drop in tourists because of the Channel Tunnel problem.

But should we have been ready for this to happen, from the situation happening with migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It is understood that over 2000 people have dead crossing the Mediterranean Sea this year already, it can be understood that this not a new way that migrants are smuggling their way into Europe, but it is increasing.

It had been seen that migrants who are crossing into Europe will not stay in one place but dispersed across Europe, with there being more access ways into England than some other countries it should have been notice that the Eurotunnel would be used as crossing path.

With more and more migrants traveling to euro should we expect this to be a regular thing?

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The Gay Market


The Gay market

It can be seen that this market is not a recent phenomenon. The reason for this that gay people have travelled for years like everyone else, but the market searches areas that give of a safe and secure feeling.

It can be seen that more destinations are becoming accepting towards this market, meaning lot of places argue that gay spaces are not needed so much but in 2006 the market was worth 76.5 billion showing that there is a market there and some people still wish to hide their identity. A gay space does give this type of tourist a feeling of belonging to a community and they wish to feel safe, accepted and find like-minded people.


The motivations for gay tourist can be seen as three groups: gay social life and sex, comfort and relation and culture and sights. But what is important to a gay tourist is the climate the gay activities, the nightlife, the environment, gay friendly accommodation and the restaurants, giving them more of a safe and secure feeling. People may question why sex is a motivation to this market but 48% said they had sex with new partner while on vacation in 2002 and a later study show 45% was motivated showing that some vacations might be happening because of this motivation, as people wish to keep their sexuality hidden.

Marketing of this market

It can be seen that issues of commodification of places can be made through activities of social meaning. Many stakeholders within the travel and tourism sector is known to construct a place that gives of a certain identity. With marketing a destination in a certain way it can be sold to the tourist as product. A reason to target this market, as it is seen as a growing market from its acceptance from sociality and it does have a significant spend from the market as it is believed they have a higher discretionary income.

Issues within this market

There has been situations that has been reported,  people being denied a double room or offered one in a hotel, this leading to gay tourists favouring gay-friendly accommodation. But some do say that this is a risk and homophobic groups can target gay spaces easier, but gay people have said they would rather pick a destination that cannot rule out completely discrimination than known.

The future of the gay market

Gay space destinations is now seen to accept both heterosexuals and homosexuals and should be marketed to both, so that they can co-exist harmoniously in the same area with gay tourists feeling they can show there true identity. In the past it was seen that gay people would go to these destinations to find safety and security and be open about their sexuality. With the legal right of gay people going to a country are changing this is changing on where the markets visits and who they do interact with while on vacation, also with gay people having to feel like they have to hide their identity they will be seen to be more mixed places with in the future but gay exclusive resources such as bars and shops will continue. With the gay social network growing online this could be seen that more gay groups will be seen to travel together meaning the vacation of going overseas will not disappear.

Do you guys think that they should be more of a specialized travel agent to be there for this market than just the likes Thomas Cook and Thomason so they don’t face sexuality issues?

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A Theme Park still on the Build


Dubailand is set to open fully before 2020 but will it? Dubaian was first announced in 2003 costing $64.3 billion but it has seen a number of impacts mainly from the recession, development did have to be put on hold in 2008 to 2013.

There is 5 main theme areas of the park, these are Attractions and Experience World, Retail and Entertainment World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Eco-Tourism World and Downtown.

The theme park does hold the biggest shopping mall in the world, which is 300,000 square foot and should be completed in 2016 which will hold 158 stores.

There has been a number of projects that have been cancelled over time such as LEGOLAND Dubailand and Six Flags Dubailand. But there is a number of projects that are still ongoing such as the Universal Studios Dubailand and Taaleem Flahship School. By the end of the projects it will be the biggest theme park in the world and hold a real life size Eiffel Tower and the pyramids of Giza.

The latest update on the project announced for Dubailand is a development of residential villas, town houses and apartments. The entire development will be 1,205,915 square feet. The project will also have a community centre, parking spaces, paved roads and open spaces and additional add-ons to serve the development is a swimming pool and 900 square feet retail outlet. The expected project is aim for completion for 2019.

From looking at the Dubailand theme park it can be noticed that it will be an attraction known around the world, but with having a number of attractions in one place will this have an effect on the real attractions? For example having the Eiffle Tower in Dubia, it can be felt that it will not have much of an effect on the real Eiffle Tower in France, the reason for this is the is a number of travel options you can take to get to France with in Europe. France is known for “the city of romance” it could be felt that Dubia will not how to give the same experience.

It has been noticed that a lot of destinations have been becoming more eco-friendly to create sustainability within the destination. Dubia has been trying to use eco-tourism with in the theme park, but it could be seen for marketing, Dubai had its first eco-resort in 2003, that is seen as expensive accommodation. There is number of eco-tourism activities such as the theme park. If Dubai is worried about the environment then they could not be developing into the sea making artificial islands, what has seen a damage to the ecosystem from forms of waste, pollution and noise. Questions is this part of the theme park just another selling point for Dubia?

What do you guys think of Dubialand, could they spend the money elsewhere instead of putting worldwide attracts in all one place and do you think Dubia is eco-friendly as they make out?

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Tickets for Disney to Increase Again, Will You still want to have that Magical Experience?


Thinking of visiting Disney World this summer, well don’t be shocked when you get to the gate because admission prices have gone up again.

Looking at Florida, the magical Kingdom has gone up by $6, it will now cost you $105 per adult to visit the magical world. Other parks are expected to put the prices up as well from $94 to $97, and annual passes and multi-day tickets might change a little.

In California the tick prices are going up, the one day ticket is now going to be $99 and for people who are looking at visiting both parks in the same day it will go up by $5, the ticket now costing $155 for Disneyland and California adventure.

It can be seen that Disney is one of the main companies that brought experience into the travel and tourism industry. With the experience making you want more and more it has seen customer return again and again as they can make a ride for a movie within months.

Prices will increase now and again, but it seem that it’s being more than one a year. Will people still want the magic experience with the price going up and up?

Putting Technology before Customer Service


A hotel in Japan has opening the first hotel that will be entirely run by robots. They will how to speak fluent Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English, and also know how to respond to body language. The robots will have a call button if you wish to speak to a human, but the idea is that you will not see a member of staff throughout your stay, the plan is that 90% of hotel services will be run by robots.

The rooms plan to have facial recognition instead of key cards, room temperature will be monitored through radiation panels that will recognize your body temperature.

This idea is not one of the newest as we are seeing more hotels and holiday service from when you leave your home to when you get back run by technology. But with putting technology before customer’s service this could be seen as playing with fire.  As customers want more of an experience from holidays, will technology be how to give the same experience? With using technology it only gives you what you want whereas with face to face integration it is seen that human go beyond your expectations. It might be at first a great experience to customers but if staying longer then it could be seen as just a standard experience. The accommodation seems to be more based on a short stay and overnight business travelers and might not be seen as suitable for long stay and for families.